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By Brendon Bigley, June 25, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

Who wants to watch a dog die?

Tonight on the Pixelitis Twitch channel I’ll be bringing a hearty portion of a brand new game called Valiant Hearts: The Great War, partially because I want to have an Initial Pixel video about it done by tomorrow, and partially because I may need the emotional support of y’all random internet friends.

Seriously though, there’s a dog prominently featured in the trailer. If that doesn’t spell doom and gloom for man’s best friend, then every other trope in entertainment has been a lie.

So get your tissues ready and tune in here at 8:30 p.m. EST and tweet at me @brendonbigley to lift my spirits.


By Brendon Bigley, June 13, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

Every once in a while, an MMO comes along that asserts itself in such a way that many claim it to be a “World of Warcraft killer.” Tonight at 8pm EDT, staff writers Mercer Smith-Looper and Brendon Bigley will decide if Wildstar is that game.

With a healthy mix of basically every great mechanic from every MMO released in the past decade, Wildstar manages to blend its Ratchet & Clank style humor with the gigantic open world you’ve come to expect from the genre.

Although some on our staff may be under the impression that MMORPGs are a dying breed, we’ll be taking a long look into why and how Wildstar has been so well received since its launch last month.

So tune into our Twitch channel at 8:00, and we’ll see just how deep the Nexus rabbit hole goes.

By Brendon Bigley, June 6, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Pixelitis. Its one-night mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where over one million people have apparently already gone before.

If you’ve ever listened to the Pixelitis Podcast (which you should be doing every week), you’ve probably heard Stephen Hilger talk about Starbound almost as much as he talks about Oblivion. Tonight at 9 p.m. EST, I delve into the infinite and randomly generated universe of said game on our Twitch channel. Won’t you come and adventure with me?

Feel free to watch along, or tweet at me @brendonbigley. See you, space cowboy.
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By Patrick Kulikowski, May 30, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

They say that when you die, you get spirited up to that magnificent, glowing rainbow road in the sky.

While we’re not ready to die just yet, we at Pixelitis do intend to cruise along its lustrous skyway while being pelted with koopa shells in the newly-released Mario Kart 8 on Wii U.

So join I, Patrick Kulikowski on the Pixelitis Twitch stream at 8 p.m. EST as we sing that infamous Rainbow Road song and wreck everyone’s lap records online.

And in case you haven’t yet, be sure to read my review to prep you for tonight.

…I’ll miss you again, uncle.


By Patrick Kulikowski, May 16, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

UPDATE 2: Sportsfriends livestream over! Thanks to all who joined in. We promise our setup for Johann Sebastian Joust will be much better next time. Be sure to subscribe to us on Twitch and get e-mail notifications about when we go live next!

UPDATE 1: Our Twitch livestream of Sportsfriends shall commence just a little later than scheduled, around 8:20 p.m. EST or so. Stay tuned!

Cancel your plans for Godzilla tonight, because Pixelitis will be doing a Friday night livestream of Sportsfriends on PS4.

Or don’t, honestly it’s your call. We won’t judge you either way (some of us are pretty excited about the film ourselves). But if you’re not into kaiju and need something to do, hang out with us on Twitch. We’ll be streaming such faux sports like BaraBariBall, Hokra, Super Pole Riders and everyone’s favorite, PlayStation Move darling Johann Sebastian Joust.

If you want to see our video feed littered with colorful glowing balls (or if any of those games sounds like fun to you), then meet us on Twitch at 8:00 p.m. EST tonight, May 16. We hope to see you there.

By Patrick Kulikowski, May 9, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

With news of a successor to 2003 PlayStation 2 rhythm darling Amplitude being kickstarted by Harmonix this week (as discussed in the Pixelitis podcast), we thought it was time to revisit the classic.

Join me, Patrick Kulikowski, as I set out to discover just how rusty I’ve gotten at the game, and whether I can stop myself from belting “BASELINE, BASELINE” over and over during that ridiculous Quarashi song.

Livestreaming will begin on the official Pixelitis Twitch page today, May 10, at approximately 8:00 pm EST and will go on for roughly two hours. We’ll have fools on the case and they might be giving me a baseline.

By Patrick Kulikowski, May 2, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

If you’re like me and have nothing to do on a Friday night, then I highly suggest you head on over to our Twitch page tonight for a throwback livestream.

I’ll be livestreaming Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, a quaint, melodious 2000 tactical JRPG for the original PlayStation. The game was published by Atlus USA and developed by Nippon Ichi Software, who you’ll know as the creators of Disgaea.

From what I’ve researched about it, it’s apparently got musical numbers, simple tactical, turn-based combat and an abundantly cutesy storyline.

I’ll be going into this one relatively blind, having only watched a video review of this game from the old days of X-Play. It should be fun, even if I’m not that big on musicals.

Tune in at 7:30 pm EST on our Twitch page. Who knows, maybe I’ll be feeling generous and give out a random, free PSone Classics (North American) download code.

By Pixelitis Staff, March 18, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, even the Year of Luigi. But fret not, for Pixelitis would like to send off the green-capped plumber with a bang.

Pixelitis’ Patrick Kulikowski will be streaming some of the underrated brother’s games (such as Luigi’s Mansion, New Super Luigi U and Super Mario Luigi 3D World) tonight, March 18, 2014 at 8:30PM EST.

Join us on the Pixelitis Twitch channel and be sure to continue with your St. Patrick’s Day wear, green beers and green caps in celebration of this momentous occasion.

By Patrick Kulikowski, February 28, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

Today marks the release of eighth iteration (counting mobile and its previous PC port) of Resident Evil 4 on Steam, and Pixelitis is ready to stream it not only for your entertainment, but for your edutainment.

Resident Evil 4: Ultimate Edition was revealed this past January and Capcom is really pushing this as the best and most definitive version of the game to date. While we’ll certainly be the judge of that tonight, we’re also planning to give viewers the chance to learn a second language, given the game’s Spanish-speaking villains. Don’t know what those loco Ganados are yelling about as you invade their creepily quiet settlement? Watch our stream.

You can view the stream on our Twitch page starting at 8PM EST tonight. Come join us, and maybe you’ll learn some Español along the way.

By Patrick Kulikowski, February 27, 2014 0 Features, Super Awesome Game Time

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has been out for nearly a week. Although I’ve spent more time than that playing it for review, I still can’t seem to get enough punishment.

So join us as I, Patrick Kulikowski, hop onto the Pixelitis Twitch stream at 8PM EST to play some Donkey Kong (or Kankey Dang, either one works) on the Wii U. I’ll be sure to show you some of my favorite levels from the game and maybe even unlock a few here and there.

And if you haven’t yet, check out my review of the game here.