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By Adam Ratte, April 13, 2012 0 News, PS3

Atlus giveth and Atlus taketh away.

Hot on the heels of announcing the PC edition of Dark Souls, Atlus has also confirmed to GameInformer that the online servers for its original exercise in masochism Demon’s Souls will be taken out of commission at 11:59 PST on May 31.

Before Demon’s Souls gets its online sendoff, however, there will be two World Tendency events scheduled to run from May 1-15 and May 16-31.

Atlas officials said that just because the online aspect of the game is ending, the game itself is still playable. Online affects certain events, player-versus-player combat, game-to-game invasions, hints, bloodstains and item trading.

So sure, the game will still work, but certain trophies could become unobtainable as a result. So enjoy the online while it lasts and maybe invade a few worlds.

Source: GameInformer

By Adam Ratte, April 12, 2012 0 Multiplatform, News, WTF?

How much would you pay for the ultimate piece of swag? $50? $100? If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil series and are completely gaga over the upcoming Resident Evil 6, then how does $1,302 sound?

Capcom recently announced that was how much their super ultimate awesome special edition of doom will cost you (that’s not really the name). What you get, however, is the game along with Leon S. Kennedy’s in-game jacket and four tablet case covers. The jacket will be available in small to extra large, while the tablet covers each come with a different character’s name engraved on them.

The “deal” is up on Capcom’s Japanese e-store, so start saving and maybe one day you too can look as cool as Leon.

Source: Gamespot | Capcom e-store

By Adam Ratte, April 11, 2012 0 Gaming culture, Multiplatform, News

If you’ve think you got what it takes to beat Daigo “The Beast” Umehara at his own game, then prepare to be humbled. Registration is now open for the EVO Championship Series in Las Vegas.

For those of you who don’t know, EVO is the ultimate fighting game championship – the Super Bowl of tournament fighters, if you will. For the past year, there have been qualifying matches around the globe that lead to berths and admittance to the annual fighting game brouhaha.

Spanning four different continents, hundreds of tournaments and thousands of contestants competing in seven different games with all roads leading to EVO.

Oh, and you can try out too. Anyone looking to participate can go to the EVO registration page and sign up. The tournament takes place from July 6 to 8 at the Caesar’s Palace Casino in Las Vegas.

Hit the jump for the list of games to be featured at the tournament.


By Adam Ratte, April 9, 2012 0 News, PS3

After five months of being available on store shelves, Naughty Dog has unveiled the newest package of multiplayer downloadable content coming to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception with the introduction of four new multiplayer maps (Oasis, Old Quarter, London Streets and Graveyard).

Naughty Dog Community Strategist Eric Monacelli said in a recent post on the official Playstation Blog that the development team “put a lot of love and polish into each map.” Each map will contain new “dynamic events” like a patrol boat that launches grenades at players from Graveyard’s boundaries or a shipping crate that falls from a passing plane that acts as both a hazard and a delivery system for a power weapon in Oasis.

Naughty Dog also revealed that this would not be the last DLC as originally speculated by many. Monacelli said the dev team will interact with fans on the game’s forum to determine possible future expansions.

All four maps will be available to download tomorrow on the Playstation Network. Members of the Fortune Hunters’ Club get the maps for free, while every other player has to pay $9.99. Monacelli said that anyone not participating in the Fortune Hunters’ Club have until April 17 to join up and all 14 past and future pieces DLC for $24.99.

Source: Playstation Blog

By Adam Ratte, April 6, 2012 0 3DS, News

Good news 3DS owners. Yesterday, Square-Enix announced the North American release dates for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (July 31) and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (July 3).

The highly anticipated continuation of the Kingdom Hearts franchise will begin to bring an end to the series, presumably (and hopefully) culminating in the ever absent but often wished for Kingdom Hearts 3.

As usual, the game will feature Disney and Square-Enix characters, with some recurring from previous Kingdom Hearts games. Dream Drop Distance will also add characters from the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame and and the Nintendo DS title The World Ends With You.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a quirky rhythm game spin-off of the classic Final Fantasy series. Players take control of characters from the very first Final Fantasy game to the recent Final Fantasy XIII and tap along to music on the Nintendo 3DS’s touchscreen.

These games will surely keep those with a 3DS and a penchant for JRPGs busy this summer. On a side note, does anybody have a clue what “Dream Drop Distance” is supposed to mean?

Source: Gamespot

By Adam Ratte, April 5, 2012 0 DS

The absurd-but-awesome Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition will hit North American shores this June 18 under the new name, Pokemon Conquest.

Unlike traditional gotta-catch-em-all Pokemon games, this title is developed by Tecmo Koei and is a turn-based strategy game reminiscent of isometric strategy role-playing games like Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s currently slated for release exclusively on the Nintendo DS.

For those outside of the absurd Japanese crossover loop, Pokemon Conquest pairs stylized versions of everyone’s favorite feudal Japanese warlords with everyone’s favorite Pokemon companions. The player takes on a role of a young Warlord who is somehow linked with a Pokemon; this young Warlord then sends his Poke-pal to fight other Pokemon in a turn based fashion.

It’s all so wonderfully absurd, and I’m quite surprised something so Japanese is making its way to North America.

Source: Gamespot

By Adam Ratte, April 5, 2012 0 News, PS Vita, PS3

And the award for longest title goes to…


While the title may be a mouthful, here’s the low down on the latest attempt by Sony to reap benefits off of the latest smorgasbord of fighting featuring SCEA characters. While it’s been languishing under the name of “Title Fight,” Sony has been looking for some alternatives to “that Sony Smash Bros. game,” as noted by Kotaku.

It’s rumored that SuperBot Entertainment is working on the title, with well known characters like Sweet Tooth and Kratos as playable characters.

Sony has been surveying its constituents to figure out whether the title is worth plastering on a case, with a potential reveal at this year’s E3.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Sources: PlayStation LifeStyle | Kotaku

By Adam Ratte, March 30, 2012 0 Industry, Multiplatform, News

Last week Yoshinori Ono, the man behind the Street Fighter revival of the past few years, was hospitalized due to an unknown illness.

As of yesterday he has officially stepped down as Street Fighter series producer in order to successfully recuperate.

While the details around his health scare remain secret, Ono himself has been tweeting about his health and stepping down which has lead many to believe it is nothing critical or terminal. Given his recent globetrotting schedule to heavily promote Street Fighter x Tekken, it is conjectured that he may be suffering from exhaustion and might just need some good old-fashioned rest.

Regardless of the severity of the ailment, it is always sad when someone so influential in the industry we love is afflicted with something that causes them to be incapacitated.

Here’s to wishing Ono a fast and full recovery.

Source: Saikyo Blog | Twitter | Capcom-Unity

By Adam Ratte, March 22, 2012 0 Industry, News

Keiji Inafune, Mega Man creator and Comcept company founder, was recently interviewed at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and shared his thoughts on his work and Japanese gaming as a whole.

Inafune lamented that one of the biggest problems with Japanese gaming is that it has not taken any steps forward and thus has become stale. He also questioned the fact that while almost every company says they need to think “globally,” none of them really act that way, citing the lack of major Japanese developers at the GDC.


By Adam Ratte, March 21, 2012 0 Multiplatform, News, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360

Capcom has finally unveiled the official pricing of its controversial on-disc DLC.

According to Capcom-Unity, the DLC will be released over the course of the next few months, starting on April 3 with the debut of “Swap Costumes.”

“Swap Costumes” are costumes that dress Street Fighter characters as Tekken ones and vice versa. The costumes will be $1 (80 MS points) a piece or they can be bought in two packs for $13 (1040 MS points), which will save you a total of $12 if you were to buy them separately. The bundle packs are broken up into a Street Fighter character pack and a Tekken character pack.

Also on April 3, there will be three new color packs for character customization and three new quick combos, all of which will be free.

There are no official dates on the other future updates, but these upcoming ones will include a free tournament support upgrade, a free gem update, a free replay analyzer, three more gem customization slots for free and the 12 extra DLC characters which will be bundled in a pack for $20 (1600 MS points).

In addition to these DLC releases, Capcom has also committed to fixing the sound issues that plague the online matches and patching the infinite combos that have been found so as to balance the fighters out.

Whether you are angry with Capcom over the DLC issue or not, the amount of effort put behind updating the game and keeping it from getting stale is pretty admirable given their previous route of developing a new fully-priced disc-based copy of the game every eight months to a year.

Source: Capcom-Unity